Why Use a Firm Like FLSO

Posted on : July 23, 2014, By:  Mark Dunaevsky

If you’re involved in an international dispute, there’s no doubt you are concerned about the importance of retaining the right kind of legal representation. More and more businesses are engaged in the international market in some way, meaning that the opportunity for some kind of international conflict along the way is increased. Our firm offers […]

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The IBA International Litigation Conference — Part II

Posted on : June 10, 2014, By:  Mark Dunaevsky

The second session of the IBA International Litigation Conference began with a short dramatic work. Melanie Schweitz of Bell Canada and Stacey Blaustein of IBM played the roles of corporate counsel realizing their company was becoming enmeshed in an international litigation. Frederick Acomb of Miller, Canfiled (Detroit), Jeff Gallway, of Blake, Cassels & Graydon (Toronto), […]

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Welcome — And Overview of IBA International Litigation Conference

Posted on : May 26, 2014, By:  Mark Dunaevsky

Welcome to the first blog post from the Foreign Service Law Office (“FSLO”). If you have already found the blog, then you know that FSLO is a law firm dedicated to helping navigate the intricacies of international civil litigation. I hope that this blog will become a forum for discussion for international litigation as well […]

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