The Importance of Translation in International Law

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International law involves a wide variety of legal documents in an even wider variety of languages. Correctly interpreting and translating legal documents in foreign languages is critical to the success of your case, whether you are an individual or a business dealing with a matter of foreign law. Here’s what you need to know about the importance of good translation in an international legal environment.

Ensuring the Accuracy of a Legal Document

Word selection, sentence structure, and syntax has a significant impact on the accuracy of a legal document. Since these are variable between languages, it can be difficult to validate a legal document without competent translation. While the translation from one language to another presents enough challenges of its own due to languages and dialects being largely based on culture, the translation of legal documents is even more complex. Legal documents that must be translated into several different languages in cases that involve multiple territories present an additional challenge. Unique legal terms must be translated correctly from one language to another in a way that allows the legal document to not only be understood, but validated as accurate.

Mistakes in Foreign Language Translation in a Legal Context

When mistakes are made in the translation of a legal document, it can have a significant impact on an international law case. For example, a company creating an international business contract must ensure that all parties involved are able to understand the contract, including unique clauses that are specific to that particular company. Failure to do so could result in expensive international contract disputes later on, costing the company both time and money. In another example, failure to have service of process documents properly translated from one language to another could render the service of process invalid.

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