What Is International ADR?

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ADR, or alternative dispute resolution, is a form of dispute resolution that takes place outside a courtroom and is used to help resolve contentious situations without the need for litigation.

It is used frequently in all forms of law; however, it is particularly helpful in situations where international law is involved.

What is international alternative dispute resolution, and how does it have the potential to help your foreign law case?

 What is Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)?

ADR is used frequently in divorce cases. Instead of going to trial, the divorcing couple will meet with a neutral third party to discuss each aspect of the divorce and reach a compromise without the need to go to court. The agreement is then documented by the couple’s attorneys and brought before the court to be formalized into a court ordered agreement.

The process is the same for international alternative dispute resolution. Each party involved in the dispute will meet in a neutral setting with an unbiased third party to discuss the matters at hand. Once the parties reach an agreement, the ADR documents can be brought forward to both domestic and international courts for approval.

How Can ADR Benefit an International Law Case?

There are many benefits to avoiding litigation in any legal case, and the same is true of international legal matters. Litigation can be quite costly and time consuming, particularly when it comes to international law cases. Travel, legal representation, and other expenses can rack up quickly, often causing individuals involved in traditional international law litigation to become financially overwhelmed.

Alternative dispute resolution focuses on keeping international legal matters out of court, even when they become complex or difficult to understand. By working with an experienced ADR attorney, you can ensure that you are not only adequately represented, but that the chances are high that your case will be resolved outside of court and in your favor.

Contacting a Foreign Service Law Attorney

Mark Dunaevsky is an experienced foreign service law attorney who understands and regularly practices international alternative dispute resolution. He can provide you with the expertise and resources you need to deal with the legal matters at hand without the need for litigation. He will guide you step by step through each stage of your case, from discovery to the final agreement, and will passionately advocate for your rights and best interests along the way.

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