Execution & Enforcement of Foreign Judgment

The execution and enforcement of a foreign judgment in a United States court depend not only on what foreign country is issuing the judgment and on the form of the judgment but also on a variety of other critical factors.

For example, certain aspects of an international legal case must be considered before the execution and enforcement of a foreign judgment. This includes but is not limited to:

  • questions of service of the process in the case
  • the conduct of discovery and gathering of evidence
  • many other important details, both large and small

Similarly, the execution and enforcement of an American court’s judgment abroad depend on the rules, regulations, and expectations of the particular foreign court in question.

It is useful to have the guidance of an experienced foreign law attorney in order to adequately assess all pertinent facts of the case before a final judgment is handed down.

Sometimes, attorneys and parties can offer suggestions and drafts to the Court, which may have an influence both on the form and content of a final judgment. Depending on your case, this strategy can prove to be quite effective in garnering a favorable result. However,  in other situations, such input is neither possible nor welcome.

In either scenario, when faced with a foreign judgment, it is imperative that an attorney proceeds with the utmost care, or else he or she may succumb to the pitfalls of enforcement of foreign judgments. When drafting, executing, and enforcing foreign judgments, it is equally important to act as early and decisively as possible in order to ensure the enforcement of a winning judgment.

Foreign Service Law Office can assist in designing, executing and enforcing foreign judgments, regardless of whether your case involves a foreign judgment in an American court, or an American judgment in foreign court.

Attorney Mark I. Dunaevsky years of experience working with international law cases, and he can apply his skills and resources to your case.

He has served as an expert on international law in American courts and has memberships in international legal organizations. He has developed an extensive network of contacts across the globe and can offer you a unique style of legal representation that will prove to be very useful in your international law case.

Foreign Service Law Office. Your expert on foreign judgments.

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