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One of the most important developments in international law of the past decade is the explosion in international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

The reasons are simple. Arbitration and ADR cut through questions of jurisdiction, and allow the parties – often from different commercial and legal cultures – to craft a procedure in which the parties to the dispute feel comfortable.

In the past, foreign legal matters were solely handled through a traditional litigation process and required an international litigation law firm, which tends to be both costly and time consuming. Alternative dispute resolution in particular involves mediating a legal issue with a neutral third party, and it has the potential to allow parties to completely avoid litigation in a traditional courtroom setting.

Arbitration and ADR can reduce the costs of an international legal case, and the case can be resolved more quickly and efficiently than traditional litigation.

Attorney Mark I. Dunaevsky is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators, London, and an arbitrator and neutral with respected international tribunals such as the Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association and the International Chamber of Commerce, Paris.

He has almost twenty years of experience in arbitration and has served as an arbitrator and has represented parties in a variety of commercial and commodities industry arbitrations.

Attorney Dunaevsky is available to serve as an arbitrator, mediator, or in another ADR position in order to help resolve your dispute. He is also available to represent parties in:

  • arbitrations
  • mediations
  • other ADR proceedings

He is able to review and draft international agreements and ADR clauses, and can help ensure that your contract, ADR clause, or submission agreement takes into account the latest developments in international ADR.

By working with an experienced international arbitration and alternative dispute resolution attorney on your case, you can obtain the solid legal representation that you need. This is especially helpful if your international law case is especially complex.

In addition to arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, Attorney Mark I. Dunaevsky can offer you legal counsel regarding:

  • service of process
  • evidence and international discovery
  • questions of foreign law
  • foreign judgments

Attorney Dunaevsky’s expert guidance can help you better understand how these laws relate to your case, and how you can create a strong legal strategy that gives you the best possibility for a positive outcome.

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