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Navigating through legal procedures in the United States can be complex, and maneuvering through them in foreign countries can be even more difficult. If you’re involved in a legal matter in another country, it is important that you have solid legal representation from the start.

A law firm that specializes in international litigation:

Lawyer for litigating international lawsuitForeign Service Law Office, LLC is a law firm that specializes in international litigation and dispute resolution matters.

By working with a law firm that has specific experience in assisting clients with legal cases outside of the United States, you can face your own case with confidence.

Foreign Service Law Office offers law firms, individual attorneys, and others a unique and valuable resource for handling international legal matters.

The global marketplace is continually expanding, and more law firms are faced with challenging legal matters in other countries. Researching and adhering to the complex and nuanced processes of foreign jurisdiction are not only difficult, but also time consuming.

Mistakes in international protocol can be costly, and they can jeopardize the ability of an attorney to see a case through to a successful conclusion. It is important that you work with a qualified foreign service lawyer who understands various legal processes outside the United States in order to ensure that your case is resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Foreign Service Law Office provides both parties and attorneys with an opportunity to navigate foreign procedures by an experienced international civil procedure lawyer.

Whether an individual needs an experienced international lawyer for a complete legal case, or simply to assist in one particular aspect of a litigation or international dispute resolution process, Foreign Service Law Office can help.

We can help manage your entire case overseas, or we can lend our unique expertise for a simple consultation on a specific issue related to your case.

Foreign Service Law Office is able to work with you on all of the aspects of international litigation, including:

In addition, our office can assist with the drafting and reviewing of international joint venture agreements and other transaction related documents, as well as ADR clauses, and can assist you in locating the right foreign counsel to help with your project.

Attorney Mark I. Dunaevsky has significant experience in dealing with international legal procedures, and has international legal organizations memberships. He has an extensive network of global contacts, as well as a deep-seated appreciation of foreign legal cultures.

When you need an attorney for discovery in a foreign country or an international arbitration attorney, you can trust the Foreign Service Law Office, LLC. Whether the matter is governed by treaty and statute, or requires an especially innovative, custom-designed legal solution, Attorney Mark I. Dunaevsky is able to guide both parties and legal professionals through matters of international procedures confidently, quickly, and cost-effectively.

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